ALMALLO equidae

                   “With his clothes, a true equestrian honours not only himself but also his horse”

                          “Equestrian fashion is like a game, new rules with a new season”

Almallo Equidae is a brand, where the art of design meets sport. With its high-quality materials and original technical manufacturing, the brand offers equestrians high comfort and a feeling of uniqueness. “Our aim is to not only provide equestrians with quality but also with the feeling of being a professional.”

The brand Almallo Equidae was being developed out of passion and an idea to enrich the equestrian world with a piece of originality. The founder and the main designer of the brand is a Slovak fashion designer Dominiqe Bohus.

“It was already when I was at the secondary school that I was playing with the idea of my own creations or a firm. At that time I had no idea that one day I would have two firms. My career and the whole story of the newly established brand Almallo Equidae began with wedding dresses. Right after finishing my studies, I established the wedding dress brand Dominiqe BohuS. The idea of the brand Almallo Equidae was born three years ago when many people from the equestrian community were asking me why I would not start designing also equestrian clothes.

Since I am a competing equestrian myself and I know very well what I need as one, this idea resonated with me very strongly and that is how the first thoughts started as well as how these new ideas later became a foundation for a great highly-competitive company.

At first, designing was not my occupation, it was mainly my passion. However, many people are not aware of the fact that the real designer is not the person who draws but the one who creates. From the idea of the very design until its realization. Technical skills, mathematics, geometry, painting, the true tailoring is all a part of it.

The first idea that I played with, was the name, we did not want anything that would start with the term equi or that would appear too dominant

——What makes a horse a champion is not its equestrian, neither the coach, nor talent, but its soul——

It is this very idea where the whole name of the brand ALMALLO equidae originates from.

In Spanish ALMA means a “soul”, LLO is an ending of several words related to horses, such as CAVALLO meaning a horse in Italian, and the word equidae comes from a Latin term for a horse. This is how the journey of ALMALLO equidae started….”

Almallo Equidae is a brand on the market that differentiates itself by its original design and stylish elegance emanating from each model. A unique technical manufacturing of materials such as Tec Series, No-Wind, Tech Power, Carbon Aid provide each piece of clothing with quality and meet requirements of even the most demanding equestrians…